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Multi-functional Portable Baby Diaper Bag with Bassinets

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This 3 In 1 baby bassinets diaper bag is designed to offer a greater sense of security for newborns wherever they sleep. With added storage features to the newborn baby diaper bag organizer, it is easy to pack up with your baby's needs for a few days, or for a short trip to Grandma's. The backpack strap makes it easy to throw it over your shoulder for a hand-free carry.

Multi-functional Portable Baby Diaper

This is a Baby, Diaper Changing Station and Mummy Bag Backpack, With this practical, multipurpose, convenient, and generously spaced bag, let your baby sleep anywhere comfortably and securely. It provides a safe and hygienic space to change your baby or lay them down to rest anytime, anywhere. Set it up as a portable change table in the trunk of your car or when out and about with your family. Give your baby a safe and clean snuggle nest to sleep in on the go.


baby diaper bag organizer

Our diaper bag backpack design is always to consider the customers demands firstly. Made with premium quality materials, complete innovative and functional design this newborn baby diaper bag does it all. Stores all of your baby’s essentials products safely and securely.


  • LARGE CAPACITY – With multiple different pockets and compartments built in, meet all the demands of mommy on the go. Separate bottles, clothes, towels, underwear, diaper, formula, and more.
Large Capacity Bag
  • WATERPROOF MATERIAL – Lined with a waterproof material, easily wipe away any spills or mishaps and conveniently store any wet clothes or diapers.
  • INSULATED POCKETS – High-density insulated pockets help maintain bottle temperature over time. Great for when you’re on the go and won’t have access to a bottle warmer.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION – Use as diaper bag, baby bed, mommy backpack, nurse bag, shopping bag or travel backpack. Constructed with the ultimate balance of style and functionality, our maternity bags are ready for anything.
Multi-functional Portable Baby Diaper Bag with Bassinets
  • COMPACT YET ROOMEY – Our baby diaper bag organizer is designed to look like a sleek designer bag yet we utilized the internal space to fit all of your and your baby's necessities.
  • SITUATION– A breathable, anti-sweat backing feels comfortable in any situation, Stroller straps that let you take the weight off your back.
anti-sweat backing


  • Lightweight (less than 1.5kg / 3.3lbs)
  • Expandable Into a Bed for Babies up to 1.5 Yrs
  • Durable and Waterproof Material
  • Spacious and Nicely Organised
  • Modular and Rugged Design
  • Color: Blue,gray,green,pink


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Customer Reviews

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Grace J

i bought the best gift for my sister. awesome

swapna jijith

Very professional product. The product received is very good quality and mattress inside is very soft. You can buy easy !

Ruqaya kanji

I am in love with this item..excellent

cristina T

Big, pretty bag. overall, I'm quite satisfied.

Jill Kulimann

The bag has a large capacity, and it has a good function when opened. The bed is big and I like it. It is not tired to carry on my back. I like to recommend it to friends.