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Acrylic Desk Self Cleaning Aquarium small Fish Tank

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- This fun self-cleaning fish tank requires no ropes, no mess, no need to change filters, no need to chase fish with nets, no need to remove rocks or plants, and no need to use gravel to vacuum.

- To clean this desktop aquarium, all you have to do is simply pour a glass of water into the aquarium and clean the aquarium in less than 60 seconds! Just pour clean water into a tabletop aquarium to keep the fish tank clean and protect the betta from harm.

- There is a special reservoir under the rock, which can collect waste to the bottom, collect waste, and keep the water clear and transparent. Before pouring water into the water tank, place a collection glass under the nozzle to allow dirty water to pour into the glass on its own. When the water reaches the ideal level, cleaning will automatically stop.

- Product size:12.5*12.5*25.5CM Product color: transparent. Product set: 1 * Mini fish tank

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Mateo H

really simple and effective system

Callie W

Great system!!! The aquarium works very well, exactly as in the pictures. There is the instructions to mount the elements. I recommend!