What Are Some Tips To Increase Kitchen Storage?

Modern times home need to be well organized. Kitchen countertops and cabinets were once in fashion. The trends for maximum storage space in the kitchen are changing with time. You can implement storage ideas that occupy less space and offer more capacity.

Tons of kitchen belongings can be stored in a well-organized pattern. These ideas are much beyond kitchen countertops and cabinets.

  • Small adjustments can be made to store more items within limited space in the kitchen
  • You can follow tips that will help in creating additional storage space, at the same location
  • The tips can help make everything less chaotic and more functional in the kitchen

Get rid of traditional storage units

It’s the right time for you to get rid of all traditional kitchen storage units. You can replace them with bins, hooks, etc. that occupy less space. Kitchen storage ideas make use of everything – hooks, wall hangings, bins, and much more.

Try and create maximum free space in the kitchen in the first place, before implementing any idea.

Use Cutlery trays

Cutlery trays are more functional as compared to kitchen cabinets and drawers. A single cutlery tray will occupy less space. It can store multiple types of cutlery items. Your cutlery tray can adjust to hold cooking utensils as well.

A lot of other spacious containers can also be used in the kitchen as a cutlery tray. These can be ideal for holding all types of spoons and tangle tools in the kitchen.

Hanging hooks

A lot of mugs are used in the kitchen. You need them for hot chocolates, tea, and coffee. They occupy more space when left on the table or the countertops. The best kitchen storage ideas make use of hanging hooks.

Wall hooks will occupy less space and are easy to implement in your regular kitchen.

The right sized cutting boards

The right sized cutting boards

Cutting boards are important for any kitchen. You use a board to cut and chop vegetables and fruits. The boards may also be used as the best base for placing hot pots and utensils. Big sized cutting boards may occupy extra space on the countertops.

If you have a countertop, always ensure that the cutting board is also of the same size. The board can also be placed on top of the sink, where cutting and washing can be done at the same time.

Use plastic containers

Use plastic containers

If you use granary in the kitchen, then you can store it big sized plastic container. Plastic containers can be the best storage items for kitchen. It also offers benefits as the kitchen looks more appealing and well organized.

The transparent plastic container will always look more manageable and visible. You can add any number of containers to your kitchen.

Use the side of the fridge

Use the side of the fridge

There are different types of kitchen storage items that can stick to the sides of the fridge. You can look around for ones that are magnetic by nature. They are easy to use and need not alterations to be done in the kitchen.

If you are always on the move then magnetic hooks and storage bags for the fridge prove more helpful. They are easily available in the market. They can be used with kitchen storage cabinets as well.

Pot racks

Pot racks are wall mounting types. They occupy less space. They can hang from any surface – vertical or horizontal. You can add any number of pot racks to your modern kitchen. The racks are easy to hang on the sides or under the cabinet.

Kitchens that have a low ceiling are the best places to hang pot racks. 


Divides are trays or racks that can easily be placed near the sink or on the countertops. They hold plates, dishes, and lids very easily in a small area. You can install any number of dividers in the kitchen as they occupy less space.

They are the best kitchen storage racks that make your kitchen well organized.


If you need extra storage space then you have to install risers. Risers are the ideal choice if you want to use vertical space in the kitchen. You can stack everything within limited vertical space.

Spice racks

Spice racks

You can look around for spice racks that can be stored inside the drawer. They occupy limited space and allspice pet jars will be away from your eyes. You can purchase standard-sized kitchen food storage pet jars from your local grocery store or shop.

Stemware wall hangings

The idea is used in most restaurants and bars. Stemware hangers are common items for any kitchen. They look stylish and more functional. They can be installed to hold the glassware vertically. They occupy less space.

Apart from these, many other ways can help you save space in the kitchen. You can use a magnetic knife bar and lots to limit space usage. Storage hooks can also be used behind cabinet doors and wall tiles. You just have to be as innovative as possible.