Tips To Prep Your Home For Summer In Dubai

Prep Your Home For Summer

Summer in Dubai can be hectic. Temperatures can go up above 47 Deg. If you are not well prepared in advance, you may not find summer seasons comfortable. The daytime temperatures can soar to extreme levels. As Dubai is close to the sea, so summer experiences high levels of humidity as well. Many, who are not used to the humidity and extremely high temperatures may find it difficult to adjust.

Summer in Dubai is common throughout the year. Not many rains and other seasons are experienced here. For early prep tips, you can visit the best home improvement store online

  • You can make small changes indoors so your summers are more comfortable
  • You can also enjoy your time outdoors in the garden during the evenings
  • Always ensure that you prepare for summer in advance

So if you are in Dubai, then you can always get started early with your summer preparations. You just have to plan everything that you can enjoy during this season. Some early prep tips are shared below.


  • Check if your AC unit is working

Your AC unit must be functioning best. During summer, this can be your best preparation. You can also look around for home decor online shopping UAE and make changes to the indoors. You can create a small sitting area indoors next to the AC unit.

You can also look around for retractable folding stools that you can set up in the sitting area. You can also have the stools set up outdoors in the garden for evenings. For small kids, you can look around for portable diaper bags and bassinets 

You can shop for essential home shop gardening products in UAE both online and offline. Ensure you have AC units installed in all rooms.


  • Seal all vents for leaks

You may have windows and vents in your home. During summer, the vents must be perfectly sealed. But gaps are common in any windows and vent system. Even the doors may have gaps in between.

If you need to do early summer preparations, then ensure the vents are perfectly sealed. You can have curtains installed on the vents and windows. During the evenings you can also cur retractable curtain rings. You can buy quality home accessories at the outdoor essentials home shop Dubai.

Always ensure that your selection is right. The vents can be sealed using quality sealant tape as well even if you have curtains installed.


  • Light shade curtains and wall paint

In Dubai, you will come across homes that use white or light shade paint and curtain linens. Also, ensure the fabric material is light in weight. Light reflective paint can also be used outdoors. Other outdoor accessories you can purchase when searching for outdoor essentials home shop Dubai.

You can look around for the best washroom and room essentials online. Try and create more space indoors you can purchase wall mounted washroom and kitchen essentials that blend in best with the light wall color paint.


  • Use CFL light bulbs indoors

During evening times, you may want to feel more relaxed indoors and outdoors. If you have folding stools for outdoors, you can also replace the sport light with CFL bulbs. You can also look around for essential home shop gardening products in UAE that is ideal for the summer season and outdoor use.

The best advantage of CFL is that they give out light not heat. Having a spotlight outdoors will only increase the temperature. CFL will regulate the surrounding temperature.


  • Get the pest control done

During summer, cockroaches and mosquitoes are common. It is important to get pest control done beforehand. If you are installing outdoors home essentials like folding stools sand tents, then you need pest control.

You can search for the best home decor online shopping UAE to buy quality home essential products including mini washing machines. Pest control will regulate cockroaches and mosquitoes.

Summer is the right time when you should also use a portable ice ball maker. The device is handy to use and portable. You can use it when camping outdoors as well. Always select the best home improvement store online so you can buy quality products.

Dubai also has a lot of ski resorts that you can access in the summer season. You can also change your clothing style that is ideal for extreme temperatures. You can also enjoy window shopping at the malls.