Practical Tips To Decorate Your Living Room

Practical Tips ToDecorate Your Living Room

Decoration a room gives a sense of personalization creating your space. It reflects your style and brings a homely, aesthetic vibe. The living room is a space where one spends most of their time. It is not only after the room decors but decorating a living room requires more.

This guide will provide all the practical tips and tricks to make a living room beautiful, functional, and even spacious. The room essentials store UAE has a range of functional accessories to start the decoration. Here are the practical tips to enhance the living room look.

  • Do not overstuff the room with Decors

Too much of furniture and décor in a living room eats up the space and creates congestion. An important tip to follow is reducing the unnecessary clutter and keep the space organized by purchasing few cabinets or décor storage boxes. Clip the curtains together for natural light and ventilation with curtain magnetic strap.

The home essentials products like an adjustable storage shelf comes handy for keep things organized. The adjustable shelves and cabinets have multi-purpose role and highly functional. Avoid using too many decors at one time. If the living room has a lot of things, it creates distraction and hence advisable to pack some stuffs.

  • Choose the Right Furniture and Combination of Colors

Unless you want your living room to look like a bohemian haven and use all the colors, go for a subtle look. The choice of textile fabric and color for furniture and other decors play a crucial role. It helps in setting a specific theme to the décor.

  • Choose the size of the furniture carefully. If the living room is small, you do not want it to be filled with just the sofa. Pick a loveseat or smaller sofa and team it up with an accent chair
  • Another way to add some extra seating is to purchase foldable stools from home essentials store UAE. You can use it whenever required
  • Add cushions or sofa throw to accentuate the look. If you like minimal theme, purchase neutral color. If you like colorful, add pop of color with cushions and throws on neutral couch
  • Purchase a rug as home essentials UAE to transform the look. Pick the color carefully so that it complements the interiors and look


  • Take Care of Unnecessary Dangling or Dents

One of the pro tips is to hide all the electrical wires to give a clean, less messy, and fresh look. Dangling wires and scratches on the wall makes a room look ugly. You can hide it behind bookshelves or behind frames or paintings.

The room essentials store UAE has a range of products like mirrors, storage, drawers etc. which can be used to hide the wires. Use a staple gun to hold together all the wires under something or cover it behind the furniture. This gives a tidy and clean, organized look.

  • Add Greenery and Light to the Room for Better Look

Greenery in a living room can completely transform the place. The indoor decorative plants completely transform the space and it is healthy, good for health. With few indoor plants, it adds minimalistic décor to the living and looks classy and elegant. Use good quality screws for hanging small décor planters.

Lights can completely change the look and illuminate a place. Lamps are important home essentials products which are not only aesthetically pleasing but gives a beautiful, smooth light. It is best to use two sources of light. The LED lights are perfect when you want more light or else switch on the lamp to use mellow light.

  • Keep the Room Organized with Cabinets and Organizers

There are many functional products at Home essentials store UAE to help you keep the living room organized. Use holder and hooks for arranging things systematically. The hooks are perfect for keeping small utilities like keys handy. The storage cabinets reduces the mess around the room.

These practical tips for living room can completely transform the place and give a renovated look. Invest in the right utility and functional products from home essentials UAE to enhance the overall look. You can keep changing the decors from time to time and keep away the extra to declutter.