6 Tips For A Stellar Bathroom Renovation In The UAE

Bathroom is one of the most used rooms of a home but yet the most overlooked. Making small changes and adding little accessories in the bathroom can completely transform the look. Renovating the bathroom does not have to be expensive but with the right planning, it can completely transform the interiors. 

With the use of the right bathroom essentials accessories UAE, renovate and revamp the look to give it a more aesthetically pleasing look. It is now possible to renovate a bathroom on a shoestring budget yet give it a stunning makeover. Here are 6 tips for budget-friendly bathroom renovation. 

1. Do not opt for complete remodeling 

When it comes to complete renovation of the bathroom, it is not budget-friendly as it requires uprooting the existing layout and plan. One of the best and most effective ways to renovate is to stick to the layout of the bathroom without changing the fixture and plumbing work. 

Instead of changing the fixture, focus on changing the things which revamp the look. Consider changing the tiles and the sanitary ware for renovating the bathroom. Look for affordable bathroom storage idea online and add cabinets to organize things. Add storage racks and organizers to optimize the space and keep things organized. 

2. Change the Design without changing layout 

Do not change the position of the faucets, tapes, and fixtures as this would require a lot more change in the construction. There are various ways by which design can be changed to give a fresh and renovated look to the bathroom. Here are few things to consider.

  • The tiles make a huge difference to how the bathroom finally looks. There are patterned tiles with unique designs for a more artistic or Victorian style. The plain tiles are perfect for a minimalistic look.
  • Change the colors of the wall or choosing a striking color scheme helps in accentuating the overall look of the bathroom. Play with color combinations to change the look.
  • Add bathroom accessories set Dubai to organize things properly in the bathroom. The addition of simple accessories like wall-mounted soap dispenser, wall mounter mop broom holder, toothpaste dispenser, soapboxes etc. make a whole lot of difference. 
  • Change the sanitary ware and faucets with something that gives a complete newness to the look. If space permits, add a bathtub or change the existing one to make the difference.

3. Use the Appropriate Lights

The use of the right lights makes a whole lot of difference and illuminates the space perfectly. Consider changing the windows by using a huge one which creates the space illusion and allows ample natural light to penetrate through it. 

The right quality of the designer lights must be on your home essentials online shopping list. Consider the non-structural walls and replace these with glass panels which helps in bringing in lighter. Invest in good quality aesthetically appealing lights for making difference. 

4. Take recommendations and ideas for changes 

Before purchasing the accessories, tiles, or making any changes in the layout, consider looking for some ideas online. Look for affordable bathroom essentials accessories UAE to make the bathroom better in terms of both appearances as well as functionality. There are tons of ideas for every sort of bathroom, look for the right ideas before renovation. 

5. Choose right material and add storage 

There are tons of different materials that can be used for creating the bathroom. Choose the right material like quartz, marble, and tiles for renovating the space. The right bathroom accessories set Dubai along with the material enhances the existing look and completely transforms the same.

Look for bathroom storage idea online and invest in quality storage cabinets, organizers, towel racks, soap dispensers etc. The storage cabinets, mirrors, lights, and little decors help in enhancing the overall outlook of the bathroom. The storage units help in keeping towels and all bathroom essentials organized. 

6. Choose a Professional to Assist with the Renovation 

It is highly recommended to seek the help of a professional for the budget renovation of the bathroom. The interior designer will help purchase the right material, color combination, and assist with home essentials online shopping for budget renovation. The professional plans the design and changes in advance and show a 3D model before starting the renovation process.